The first year of basic training consists of four modules that cannot be booked separately!

The first year of training is an exploration into the different possibilities of sytemic therapy. We experience the dynamics of the family of origin and the present family and look at newer developments like 'movements of the soul' and 'movements of the spirit mind'. We also touch upon other systemic fields such as workgroups and organizations. After the successful completion of the second year of the training participants receive a certificate from lifeskills 'institute for systemic and somatic trauma resolution'.

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methods of systemic constellation work

Family Constellation is an effective and powerful method for recognizing family entanglements in the family of origin as well as in the present family. Most often unexpected, solution-oriented interventions bring relaxation and understanding in deep human problem situations and allow love to flow again between the members of the family system.

Like in any other system, there are laws operating in a family system which guide the individual’s behaviour. To a large extent, they are unspoken and individuals are even unaware of them. Suffering among family members often arises if one or more members of the family system unconsciously violate these archaic laws or ‘orders’ ("order" should not be understood in a moralistic sense). This happens mostly out of love, but out of a blind love which needs to be looked at and transformed into conscious love. Hellinger refers to the ‘Orders of Love’.

The method of bringing the hidden family dynamics to light is to have a person from a group create the constellation of his or her family with the help of other group members. They represent members of the person's family and are positioned in the room in relation to each other depending on how the person feels at that moment. In this way, a living model of the original family is created.

By creating the structure or constellation of the family with the help of other group members, the relationships and operating laws within the system become visible. Through rearranging the constellation and using simple sentences the therapist supports an inner movement of the members of the family towards a new and healing picture that is more in harmony with a natural order.

Osho Family Constellation is based in meditation; it is rooted in deep acceptance and honoring of what is, rather than in effort for improvement. This is the point where therapy ends and meditation begins.

first year: foundation training and individual growth process

module 1: dynamics
in the family of origin

Through rearranging the constellation and using simple sentences the therapist supports an inner movement of the members of the family towards a new healing picture that is more in harmony with a natural order.
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module 2: dynamics
of the present family

We explore the man - woman relationship and what hinders or helps love to flow between partners. Sometimes we need to connect more deeply to one of our parents in order to be connected to "maleness" or "femaleness".
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module 3: movements
of the soul 

The movement 'beyond family' and 'beyond blind love to conscious love' is part of an inner growth process that brings the individual to deep synchronicity with life itself.

module 4: saying yes to life

Life has its own movements. In constellations, this becomes clearly visible. Saying yes to the emerging destiny can bring deep relaxation. It also can help to dissolve traumatic entanglement. Special issues in this module will be birth, interrupted movements, symptoms and sickness.


second year:
methods and art of constellation work

module 5: the art of constellation

Participants learn about the role and attitude of the therapist in this work, about how to stay connected to the intrinsic love within a family system and how to work solution-oriented, as well as how to recognize traumatic events and support contentment and release.
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module 6: methods and feedback

Essential for constellation work is the contact between facilitator and client. In this module we look at the opening interview, as well as into the language of the soul and the healing sentences. We deepen traumatic entanglement recognition and ways of supporting containment and release.
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supervision / internship

On completing the Basic Training, a participant can join one of our supervision groups. It is specifically for those who already work with people or who are interested in exploring constellation work more deeply with direct feedback. It is also possible to join the Basic Training again as an Intern.

suggested booklist

Acknowledging what is by Bert Hellinger, Zeig, Tucker & Theisen
Love's hidden symmetry by Bert Hellinger, Zeig, Tucker & Theisen
The healing power of the past by Bertold Ulsamer, Underwood Books
Supporting love by Bert Hellinger, Zeig, Tucker & Theisen

I suggest reading these books before starting the training.

information and registration

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healing the roots

20. – 23. feb. 20, vienna (A)

Osho evening meditation

23. feb. 20, vienna (A)

female creative essence

27. feb. - 1. march 20, cologne (D)

breath – an inner journey to yourself

12. - 15. march 20, flacklwirt, reichenau (A)

breathing for natural sexuality

19. – 22. march 20, miasto (I)

beyond family trauma

15. – 19. april 20, Osho Risk (DK)


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