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breathing into a new life

8.–15. june 18, ,miasto (I)

1. module of the Osho diamond breath training
Power breathing, body mind therapy and dynamic stress release
Osho Miasto, Italy, www.oshomiasto.it
trainer: Adhiraj and Shanti

learning love part 2: living and loving in truth

26. – 30. sep. 18, vienna (A)

with Tabish M. Roncucci

A healthy and nourishing relationship is based on learning to live and love in a way that is in tune with our inner truth.
English with translation into German
venue: Flackl-Wirt, Reichenau/Rax


Osho evening meditation

27. may 18, vienna (A)

Osho diamond breath training

8. – 30. june 18 miasto (I)

breathing into a new life

8.–15. june 18, ,miasto (I)

born in love

17. – 23. june 18, miasto (I)

Osho aquaprana healing intensive

4. - 10. july 18, miasto (I)

from body type to original being 2

19. – 26. aug.18, finland


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