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Diamond Breath

Osho Diamond Breath is an invitation to breathe and to share with us the rich experience of healing and transformation using the power of breath.

Osho Miasto Italy

The biggest Osho center in Italy, Institute for meditation and spiritual growth

Osho International

Information about the Osho Resort, Pune India, Multiversity, Shop and Zen Tarot

Osho risk Denmark

Courses and meditation for a better life

Baravara Sweden

Step by step program for personal growth

people I recommend

Atibha Elisabeth Sula

contemporary art


Osho Zen Therapy - psychology of the Buddhas; therapy as a bridge to meditation

Deep Imagery

The Personal Totem Pole Process founded by Eligio Stephen Gallegos

Svagito Liebermeister

The roots of love - Osho family constellation


Sacred Gates by Socrates

In his art it's Socrates' challenge to express man's discoveries on his inner quest.

Osho meditations in Vienna

platform for spiritual growth, creativity and personal development in Vienna


New Earth Music

Music for meditation, relaxation, ritual, chill out, dancing, trance out and more

Zenbook Shop Norway

Here you can order all diamondbreath meditations


female creative essence

21. jan - 3. feb 19, cologne (D)

Osho evening meditation

27. jan.19, vienna (A)

when loves flows again…

14. – 17. feb. 19, finnland

breath, trauma and sexuality

21. – 24. feb. 19, finnland

Osho evening meditation

24. feb. 19, vienna (A)

healing the roots

7. – 10. march 19, vienna (A)


Become more wakeful and you will become more alive.