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More than ever before we need healthy, deep and natural breathing to be able to handle the massive challenges of physical and mental stress in everyday life. And actually it could be so very easy, just to take a few deep breaths – because breathing is life energy, and breathing fully even makes it ’life ecstasy’.

Breathing is the most vital force in our life and when breath can flow freely and spontaneously through the body, we feel healthy, alive and vividly connected with our inner strength. We can express ourselves emotionally and are fully open and able to be sensitively touched in human relating.

Breathing suffers from unnatural blockages when affected by environmental conditioning, traumas or long term stress. But if we allow breathing to flow naturally again, it automatically establishes a new balance in body, mind and soul. 


primal breath

28. sep. - 2. oct. 18, miasto (I)

conscious love

5. – 7. oct. 18, rome (I)

healing the roots

22. – 25. nov. 18, vienna (A)

training in systemic constellation work in Vienna (A)

training in systemic constellation work in Vienna 2018 – 2020 (A)

female creative essence

21. jan - 3. feb 19, cologne (D)

born in love

17. - 24. feb. 19, finland


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