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Meditation will make you awake, strong and humble. Meditation will make you awake because it will give you the first experience of yourself.

You are not the body, you are not the mind - you are the pure witnessing consciousness. And when this witnessing consciousness is touched, a great awakening happens - as if a snake was sitting coiled up and suddenly it uncoils, as if somebody was asleep and has been shaken and awakened.

Suddenly a great awakening inside: for the first time you feel you are. For the first time you feel the truth of your being.

Many meditative techniques require one to sit still and silent.
But for most of us accumulated stress in our body mind makes that difficult.
Before we can hope to access our inner powerhouse of consciousness, we need to let go of our tensions.

Osho Active Meditations have been scientifically designed by Osho over a period of time to enable us to consciously express and experience repressed feelings and emotions, and learn the knack of watching our habitual patterns in a new way.


healing the roots

20. – 23. feb. 20, vienna (A)

Osho evening meditation

23. feb. 20, vienna (A)

female creative essence

27. feb. - 1. march 20, cologne (D)

breath – an inner journey to yourself

12. - 15. march 20, flacklwirt, reichenau (A)

breathing for natural sexuality

19. – 22. march 20, miasto (I)

beyond family trauma

15. – 19. april 20, Osho Risk (DK)


When you are sharing your joy you don't create a prison for anybody.