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Being a woman is being an incredible life-force. In the balance of life-dynamics women represent the energy of Yin: warm, nourishing, carrying life - the earth.

Many women lost the connection to their natural strength and feminine energy through family and social conditioning. They became dependent and lost their sense of self-value.

Women's core energy is love and if this love cannot flower in freedom it becomes frustrated and poisoned. We live in a time where we have the freedom to choose our life according to our own creativity. We are free to step out of the values of the past and need to find our own essential female qualities in these new challenging times. Being a woman, a mother and having a career require new skills.

In the group we will work through old frustrations and find a new understanding and an experience of who we are as  women.


when loves flows again…

30. – 31. march 19, heidelberg (D)

Osho evening meditation

31. march 19, vienna (A)

Osho evening meditation

28. april 19, vienna (A)

when loves flows again…

2. – 5. may 19, stockholm (S)

primal healing intensive

6. - 12. may 19, baravara (S)

healing the roots

23. – 26. may 19, vienna (A)


If your love is without awareness then it is not love yet.