breathing and trauma

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Breathing is the most vital force in our life and when it can flow freely and spontaneously through the body, we feel healthy, alive and directly connected with our inner strength. We can express ourselves emotionally and are able to be sensitively touched in human relating.

In shock or trauma we hold our breathing and stop the natural movement impulse of the body to fight or to escape. Instead this vital movement energy is frozen into fear and helplessness or, in order to avoid the feeling of panic and pain, we even disconnect from our body.

When we live with unsolved traumas our life energy is limited.
Breathing is a wonderful tool to move into the frozen trauma energy and support the body to release and let go.


female creative essence

21. jan - 3. feb 19, cologne (D)

Osho evening meditation

27. jan.19, vienna (A)

when loves flows again…

14. – 17. feb. 19, finnland

breath, trauma and sexuality

21. – 24. feb. 19, finnland

Osho evening meditation

24. feb. 19, vienna (A)

healing the roots

7. – 10. march 19, vienna (A)


Just make your love more and more meditative, wherever it is, and meditation will take it upwards.